My philosophy

LIVE well

Live each day intentionally and purposefully with enhanced focus, balance, clarity, mental energy, and joy.

STAY well

Stay mentally healthy down the road so life can be lived to the fullest instead of spent in and out of the doctor’s office.


Take a deep breath — I’m guessing you need it! If you’re here, you’re likely a success-driven, high-achieving woman who’s been spinning her wheels for years trying to do it all…and you’re friggin’ exhausted. At some point (probably early) in your career, you started believing success came at the cost of feeling chronic stress. Now you’re on the verge of that trendy buzzword that’s become so ubiquitous in our culture: burnout. Maybe you’re not labeling how you’re feeling as burnout, but the symptoms are there: poor focus and mental fatigue, feeling scattered and disorganized, frequent irritation and anger, anxiety and/or mild depression, and feeling overwhelmed pretty much 24/7. It’s not a fun place to be (I know, I’ve been there). If the above list could be your feelings bio, you’re in the right place.

I’m a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach with a focus on lifestyle medicine, which is the evidence-based practice of helping people adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that impact health and quality of life. That’s a fancy-schmancy way of saying I know how to help you create healthy habits that allow you live your best life. The truth is, chronic stress is not a necessary ingredient to success. In fact, feeling constant stress is huge recipe for disaster when it comes to reaching your full potential. If you want to start the conversation about kicking chronic stress to the curb and THRIVING at work + home, book a complimentary call with me today!