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Mental Health Month: 5 Areas that Boost Your Mental Health

Mental Health Month: 5 Areas That Boost Your Mental Health

This month marks the 70th (!!) year of Mental Health Month, since Mental Health America (MHA) founded it back in 1949!  The discussion around mental health has undoubtedly evolved over the past 70 years…from hushed whispers behind closed doors to being a major topic of international conversation. From Whispers to World Stage That fairly recent change has been thanks in part

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Light and Stress: Why Light (or Lack Thereof) is Stressing You Out

Your brain loves to predict the future.  But chances are, some of your habits around light are a hindrance to your brain’s penchant for fortune-telling. The result? STRESS. Light and stress have a complex relationship; if you’re getting too much or too little exposure to the former, you’re vastly increasing your odds of feeling the latter. Let me shed some light

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What is Sleep Deprivation Costing Your Brain?

Do you know people who brag about how little sleep they need to function?  You know, those who proudly proclaim, “I do my best work when I get six hours of sleep!”  And I don’t just mean every now and then…these are folks who are regularly getting less than seven hours a sleep a night and believe they’re just fine —

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